How to redact native Excel files securely, quickly and easily using Exolution

Disastrous accidental spoilage of protected personal information during e-discovery is taking the headlines routinely. You surely don’t want to be in news for such reasons. Proper review and redaction process protects against such tragedies.

Excel files are widely used to store critical personal and health information that must be redacted to comply with regulations like FOIA and HIPAA, when a litigant or a regulator demands the data. Native Excel file redaction and production is highly cost-effective, but could be risky if not done properly.

Exolution – our Artificial Intelligence empowered native Excel file redaction software – has the unique ability to quickly pinpoint the location of such information across large document sets, helping ensure none of your critical data goes unnoticed. Its ability to redact millions of values in minutes across huge document sets and quick QC features greatly releases time pressure from the review teams.

Exolution is available as Relativity integrated version as well as standalone version. Please register for the webinar, even if you can’t attend, to get a link to the recording.