Electronic discovery projects can be unpredictable, exhausting and costly. Established workflows or processes often can’t resolve the requirements, or they are not the most optimal methods in certain situations. Litexn is here to help.

Litexn’s highly skilled team members have over a decade development experience on a wide range of the e-discovery technologies and customizations. Contact us if you have any of the following needs.

  • Customization of Exolution – our native Excel file redaction software
    • Exolution is very feature-rich, but you may have custom data extraction requirements that Exolution doesn’t handle. No problem, we provide customization of Exolution to cover your need with Excel or CSV files. Please check with us if you have any requirements to work with the bulk of Excel or CSV files.
  • Custom analysis and data extraction
    • Extract information based on custom logic from a variety of files types and prepare reports. We cover almost all general purpose business documents types and most commonly used databases.
  • Data extraction from customized NSF files
    • Lotus Notes supports customization of databases, and extraction of data from such files is not well supported by the standard tools. We provide data extraction from custom Lotus Notes files.
  • Migration from various Review platforms to Relativity or Ringtail
    • Stuck with old review platforms? No problem, we can help move to a newer platform by converting data to modern review platform. This includes attorney work products such as coding and redactions.
    • The following databases are covered: 
      • Concordance
      • Summation
      • JFS Litigator’s Notebook
      • iPro
      • Introspect
      • Documentum
      • Clearwell
  • Custom software development and scripting
    • Need help on developing a custom solution for your project? Contact us, we provide custom software development services to meet your needs.
  • Relativity custom application development
    • Have an idea of Relativity automation but not resources or skills to implement it? No problem. We have expertise on Relativity application development and we are eager to help you.
  • Any other custom needs