FALLS CHURCH, Va. - Dec. 5, 2018 - PRLog -- Sandline Discovery, a premier litigation support and eDiscovery service provider serving legal teams in the United States and globally, announced a new partnership with Litexn to offer advanced native file analysis and redaction capabilities to its document review clients. Integrating Exolution, Litexn's native file redaction software, allows Sandline

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Exolution 5.0 released with new UI and more administrative control over the non-admin users. The global search and document level search got more options and faster speeds. Mass redactions across the entire matter are improved with more options. The reviewers are granted more options to control layout of Exolution UI

A set of fields is added in Relativity Integrated version of Exolution, to facilitate reporting and process tracking. The tracking of redactions is made real-time. AutoFilter is added with an ability to apply redactions on the filtered rows only. Excel file clustering is introduced with an ability to update a Relativity

Exolution 4.3 with Thread Explorer is released for Relativity Integrated and Standalone versions. Exolution got an ability to organize the documents in threads, like email thready. Exolution got an ability to update Relativity field Exolution Review Complete from the Exolution interface

Duplicate Sheet Explorer is added with an ability to mass redact all the duplicate sheets in a fell swoop. Indexing is updated to facilitate separate index server. Relativity Integrated version is detached from the Relativity web server

Options to mass swap documents between redacted files and original files is added to the Relativity integrated version. Back-end integration of Exolution with Relativity is made more flexible so that any of existing Relativity servers can be used as well as new servers can be used. Partial redaction is supported

Term Group Explorer is added to Exolution, to facilitate to search sheets with a set of labels. Relativity integrated version provided granular control of the features to the users and multiple options to create redacted files. The option that required to export file into a directory on the server is

PII Explorer is added into the Relativity integrated version of Exolution 3.5. Both Relativity integrated and standalone version got new features of Visually Similar Sheet identification and mass redaction across multiple sheets. Snippet option is added to the global search, allowing the users to get a look at the data

Exolution existed as a platform agnostic version till now. The first integration with a review platform Relativity is launched. Relativity users now can directly ingest documents from Relativity to Exolution and create redacted documents within Relativity.

Exolution’s dependency on IIS is removed and it is created as a windows service, improving the performance and reducing configuration efforts. Index moved to Elastic Search and performance of indexing and search improved in multi-folds. Regular Expression support added to the global search.

A major release Exolution 3.1 launched with patent-pending sheet-level duplicate identification and real-time redaction propagation is included as an included feature. Previously it was an external feature that required additional work before and after redactions are applied. Hidden-content explorer, another major built-in feature added to expose all the content that

Global search introduced. Other new features includes color-coded redaction types to associate each of the redaction reasons with a distinguished color. Hide empty rows and columns, and apply black and white filter introduced. Preview of the redacted document added. Customization of the redaction labels in the output redacted Excel files

A major version change of Exolution released. The application included partial value redactions based on selection, improved search & redact functionality with Regular Expression support. Redaction windows made dynamic to facilitate quick QC of the redactions. PII Explorer introduced to display summary of the PII values in the entire file

File level search & redact included. Inverse redaction improved to include complex inverse redaction including non-cell values including comments, textboxes, charts, pictures and other objects. Header/footer and sheet name redactions added. Dependency on Microsoft Excel is removed.

After about 6-months a set of scripts and tools formally merged to create Exolution 1.1, an integrated system with a centralized server supporting multiple clients. Data load and export from Exolution standardized. Standardized basic inverse redaction included into the application. Document browse feature is added. IIS and Microsoft SQL Server