Litexn is found to apply innovative technologies to Electronic Discovery sector.
We are striving to build revolutionary products through our cutting edge research ability combined
with the depth of software engineering skills.

Revolutionary Native Excel File Redaction Software

ExolutionTM – cloud-based innovative managed Excel spreadsheet redaction software from Litexn

Exolution elevates the bars of native redaction Excel files by introducing patent pending technology DeepDup. Both this combined with many other innovative features reduces the cost of native redaction of Excel files to a fraction.

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PII Finder: FREE Relativity Application

Pinpoint PII in multiple Excel files within Relativity

Finding Personally Identifiable Information (PII) can be a time-consuming process in e-discovery, as this type of sensitive information must be redacted before documents can be produced. Litexn’s PII Finder can automatically search multiple Excel files and pinpoint the exact location of critical information, making the process more efficient. PII Finder stores the location of PII in the user selected field.

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The most comprehensive native Excel file redaction software

  October 18, 2018  ||    01:00 PM ET

Needs for PII and PHI redaction during productions is growing faster than ever. Over a million FOIA and HIPAA requests were made in the year 2017 alone. Introduction of GDPR has drastically expanded such needs. Not all PII and PHI information is easy to find in a large set of documents.

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The right ways to review & redact native Excel files (Relativity Integrated Version)

  August 14, 2018  ||    09:00 AM ET

GDPR… Personal Information… Excel documents… A mixture ready to rock businesses with fines. This is a big eDiscovery challenge where searching and redacting large numbers of distinct values in a set of documents is frequently required. Reduce risk, stress, cost, and time by leveraging Exolution. Exolution, a Native Excel file redaction

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Options to mass swap documents between redacted files and original files is added to the Relativity integrated version. Back-end integration of Exolution with Relativity is made more flexible so that any of existing Relativity servers can be used as well as new servers can be used. Partial redaction is supported

Term group explorer is added to Exolution, it facilitated to search sheets with certain labels. Relativity integrated version provided granular control of the features to the users and multiple options to create redacted files. The option that required to export file into a directory on the server is removed and